Fathers play multiple roles. Dads as we know them today are the best kind of best friends that you could ask for. Only they tend to get too protective which makes us as children want to keep a few secrets. Your dad must’ve been just as mischievous as you. It is great to see how dads possess the power to take up a lot of responsibilities and still be cool with it. Dads are an epitome of superman.They may tend to make really poor jokes though. From the barbeque tradition to the family game night tradition , this man must’ve been inventing a whole of activities to keep it up with the family. The most dreadful moment for one may be the rage that he expresses if we loses it ! he supports you throughout your journey of life. Dads can be sweet , loving, awesome chefs or even bad drivers but at the end of the day they are the ones who possess a lot of affection for you. Dads may be shy in expressing their emotions to you , and if that’s the case , lets try to bring them on their toes on their birthday with a whole lot of wishes and greetings that urge him express finally ! Here is a list of various wishes that you could use to buck up his special day, We hope you like these birthday wishes and SMS.

  1. Happy birthday dad. I would like to thank you for the kind of support and love you’ve given me. I pray for your health and happiness.
  2. A very happy birthday to the man who would go through hell and heaven for me. You are the one person I will always look upto once I grow old .
  3. Here’s some chilled beer and a call for one hell of an evening to celebrate my BIG GUY’S BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !
  4. Lets celebrate in a royal feast , the birthday of my father. Thank you for always backing me up and standing firm when I felt lose. Cheers for the world’s best dad !
  5. Dad you’ve been through thick and thin with me. Today when I see you , I don’t feel any less inspired. You are a very lively soul. Thank you for your blessings for they have always accompanied me. Keep up the great spirit. I promise I will make you feel as special as you make me feel each day.
  6. All the family game nights and baseball matches have made it clear that you are the coolest dad of all time. Today calls for another evening of sheer joy and celebration of your special day. Have a great birthday Dad!
  7. From teaching me how to walk to how to ride a cycle to how to drive a car ; you’ve showed immense patience in dealing with my slow learning skills! Thank you for being my protective and sweet possession. You are a gem of a person. Happy birthday ! Here is a Swaroski for you

Birthday Greetings For Mother

Mothers are the gems of this universe. It is tough to define the relationship of a mother and child. There is just a lot of nurture involved along with a whole lot of affection and protection. Our mothers will always be supporting us and guiding us through our tough times. Not only do moms help us clean our mess(be it our room or any other shitty experience in life) but they also pick us up when we are completely shattered. Moms always greet you with a hug and some cuddling ! Nothing that a cold coffee and pancakes made by mom can’t solve. She possesses the power to make you realise how special and idiotic you can be. She sheds light to your true potential. She is that powerful person who will be with you forever, send your mum some amazing funny birthday sayings too.

Since this gorgeous woman in your life can constantly greet you each day with the same kind of unconditional love why don’t you plan something extremely special and exciting for your mom on her special day “her birthday”. This day you can shower her with greetings so that she feels just as special as she makes you feel everyday ,without fail. To help you out, here we have a list of greetings and wishes for all of your beautiful moms :


  1. It is that day of the year when I realise I wouldn’t have been even close to where I am today , without your support and guidance! Whatever I do for you weighs less as compared to your blessings. Thank you so much for always being there for me. Let’s make the most of this occasion today. Many surprises and smiles await today. Let’s make this birthday seem effortless. Let’s party like a dedicated saint !
  2. Hey mom , taking an off from work today because what is a better excuse than my MOMMY’S BIRTHDAY ! A very happy birthday to my priced possession , my constant support. You are one strong lady. Don’t stop inspiring me. Loads of love. Lets celebrate.
  3. Happy birthday to the lady who has given me endless happy moments and thoughts. Cheers to your high spirit and lovely nature.
  4. I will amaze you with my baking skills today on your birthday. Happy birthday to the woman who knows the best and worst in me. Thank you for all your affection and care. Lets shop all day and party all night to celebrate this occasion.
  5. Dear Mother , I know you know I will surprise you with a clean room on your birthday but that’s not the case ( I cleaned it though ). I will make this birthday worth all your affection. You are a very special person. You ought to know how much I love you.
  6. Happy birthday mom ! My hugs are not even as close to being cosy as yours are. You are the only person I look upto. On this occasion , I hope you feel special.
  7. Hey mom , school was cool but you are cooler ! Happy birthday ! Lets eat pizza and celebrate like couch potatoes.


How To Throw A Great Birthday Party

Birthdays cane be a real bummer. These are those days when you just can’t decide what to do. Especially if it the birthday of loved one or a really close friend / family member, you know too much to select what to offer. This confusion can lead to several disasters – one, you mess everything up and two , you are shattered and broke and you mess everything up and well, the day just goes into ruins !



You would want the birthday of you loved one to be as fine as you imagined in your mind, but the surprise you plan may not be as pocket friendly as you thought ! Don’t lose hope. There are other means to throwing the best birthday party. And if you’re the birthday guy / girl throwing the party for himself / herself , you definitely need to keep up the spirit and host a party you ought to remember till you’re 80 ! We have list of some crazy load of ideas for great birthday parties :

  1. Create a guest list. It’s a party , you have to be organised and prepared for what’s coming and who’s coming your way.
  2. Make fancy invitations ! Guests won’t appear at your door magically , thanks to ego. Plus , the facebook notifications make it easier for some lazy friends to slip by.
  3. Make efforts to decorate your space. You could use DIY techniques to create decorations. Balloons , confetti and some streamers would do !
  4. Set the mood with the help of music. Music can do wonders ! it can help create a great ambience for everyone to enjoy and relax in. People who relate to certain music tracks start feeling comfortable in the environment.
  5. Create an attractive menu that goes with the theme that you choose for your party. Set the table accordingly. Add colours and make use of flowers to decorate the table. Candle lights can do wonders to ornament the place.
  6. Plan some interesting events. Be a little pre- organised. You could plan certain games so that everyone can interact with each other. The games just lightens everyone up.
  7. One interesting feature could be the addition of a photo booth. Create an interesting photo booth area just like the ones you experienced on your prom night. Create memories and capture the fun forever !
  8. You could act like Monica from friends and be super fussy. Adding names to seats and arrangements can be interesting. What if you wanted to set two people up ! Anyhow, adding tags to seats and maybe some comments for the person can be an interesting way to letting the guest feel special and close to you. You can be witty ,sweet. Try not to be rude , though.
  9. Remember the goodie bags we used to get after a party in our childhood. Recreating those memories isn’t a bad idea at all!

Birthday Sayings For Sister

A sister is one weird creature. She can be annoying as hell and at other times , she can be extremely affectionate and caring. Her expert advice is “not” to be followed always. However a bully , creep, best friend , support system and protective your sister may be , on her birthday you would do anything to make her realise what kind of a creature your parents put in efforts to produce. You will do anything to make feel special. Add drama to her birthday that she will appreciate for a long time. Here is list of some dreadful and completely innovative wishes for a sister close to you. These are for the ones who bring out the crazy in you , on their special day, Check out Our top 100 Birthday wishes for sister :



  1. Happy birthday to my sister who somehow manages to act normal in the crowd while she possesses the qualities of a beast. Get your beast mode on sissy and lets celebrate and dance like we’re crazy siblings from the jungle!
  2. Whenever I felt afraid of taking any major decision in my life you’ve always been there to make my job easier. Thank you for being more responsible and sensible for me. Love you a ten times your age sister!
  3. Remember the last time you baked a cake you almost set the house on fire. Since you’re my sister I assume I posses similar devilish capabilities in me ,hence I made mom make you the most amazing cake ever. You have been a friend, sister and a girlfriend like figure to me (since you always boss around). Thanks for sticking around all my drama and always keeping in touch with me. Happy birthday sissy!
  4. On this day I shall thank god that you are not as dumb and stupid as me. I shall also express gratitude to the fact that you haven’t revealed any of my secrets to mom and dad. You always save my ass and take me out on treats. But today is the day when I shall in return make you feel a little extra special( only for today, okay?). Wishing you a very happy birthday.
  5. Your sister’s Birthdays are supposed to remind you that you have someone to share your room and clothes with and that she will suck the life out of you if she isn’t happy .My ambition is to make you feel super happy on your special day and get you pretty pesents. To my princess sister , I hope you prosper and succeed in life so that we don’t have to share a room no longer. Just Kiddin! Happy birthday my beautiful sister!
  6. Happy birthday sweet sister! Thank you for helping me out in life. I hope you are showered with happiness and success in life. You have a beautiful heart. I inspire you. Lets celebrate with a blast.
  7. I haven’t come across any woman as warm hearted and generous as you. Happy birthday sister! Here is trufflenation the best baking classes coupon for you.

Birthday Quotes For Friends

Friends are those beings who know the best and worst in you. They have seen the side of you that your parents and family would fail to understand. Friends are those , who share a mutual bond of affection with you. One need not define who a friend is! Everyone has different perception about this particular relationship anyways. You wouldn’t have realised ever that all the stupid and pointless traditions you have starting from the selfie tradition to the “pizzas on Friday” tradition , aren’t that stupid and pointless afterall ! These crazy ideas and beliefs that you guys share make you create memories that will tag along with you forever. A friend is need is a friend indeed! If any friend of yours has ever made you feel even a teeny bit special and happy , do not forget to greet him / her on their birthday since these little efforts make your friend realise the depth of your friendship. I hope you send these birthday quotes for friends.




  1. Hey buddy, you’ve been a pretty cool friend to me. Thank you for avoiding all sorts of drama. Have a blast on your birthday.
  2. Happy birthday to the craziest and creepiest person I know! You have been raised to relish today’s birthday party for you. Lets celebrate your birthday with a blast and some booze ofcourse!
  3. Happy birthday you fool from next door. I believed in you when you completed the race and I will continue to believe that you will achieve great heights in life. Have a great one. Stay happy. Don’t let anyone kill you vibe.
  4. You’ve been with me through my worst and best times , how do you expect me to not make up to you on your special day. Lets Netflix and chill on a larger scale. I wish you a very happy birthday and a whole lot of success in life !
  5. I wish you a very happy birthday ! I have seen you turn from a crazy girl/guy to beautiful and smart man/woman. You charisma never fails to amaze a million people around you. I hope for the best for you in life. Thank you for always getting me out of the swamp whenever I am in trouble. Thanks for guiding me through it all.
  6. “Life is a mess” , that’s how your face will appear when I smash that chocolate cake on your face on your BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday buddy. I promise you this day will make you realise your friend here is a devil in the face of a human. Well, that’s just my way of expressing love and gratitude to you. Have a great one bud!
  7. Happy birthday buddy! Thank you for being a great friend. You are my only successful discovery. Cheers to growing old with my great pal.
  8. Hey pal, happy birthday. On this occasion you ought to party and dance! God bless you. i hope you like these ferns and petals.